Review for psychology pavlovs theory

Topics: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Heroin Pages: 2 (1000 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Exam 2 Review Questions - KEY

1.Alexander is four years old. One night his parents decided to light a fire in the family room fireplace. A burning ember jumped out of the fireplace and landed on Alexander's leg, creating a nasty burn. He cried because the burn hurt. A week later, when Alexander's parents start to light another fire in the fireplace, Alexander begins to cry. (UCS: burn; UCR: crying; CS: fire in the fireplace; CR: crying) 2.Emily is driving to work during a heavy snowstorm when the brake lights on the car ahead of her come on. She hits her brakes but is unable to avoid hitting the car. She is badly shaken up in the accident. The next time she is driving in the snow she notices that she tenses up every time she sees brake lights come on ahead of her. (UCS: accident; UCR: shaken up; CS: driving in the snow; CR: tensing up) 3.Bill's mom followed the same routine before serving dinner--she would put ice in the glasses and then call "come and get it, dinner's ready". Immediately upon hearing those words, Bill would quickly run down the stairs. After awhile, Bill would come running down the stairs when he heard the ice hitting the glasses. (UCS: mom calling "come and get it, dinner's ready"; UCR: running down the stairs; CS: ice hitting the glasses; CR: running down the stairs) 4.Gary is the client relations officer at his firm. The phone in his office has "caller id" so that the client can be identified before he answers the phone. After receiving a call with a rude client, Gary would be very annoyed and agitated. He began to notice that the rude calls tended to come from clients that were identified by a "1-800" number on the caller id. Therefore, whenever a "1-800" number appeared, he would become annoyed. (UCS: call from a rude client; UCR: annoyance and agitation; CS: "1-800" number on the caller ID; CR:...
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