Review Essay: Ufc Gym

Topics: Weight training, Exercise, Physical exercise Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Josh Mendiola
Professor Jeff Breitenfelt
Writing 1100
01 November 2012
Review Essay: UFC Gym BJ Penn
Do you want to work out and clueless where to go or a gym freak with more needs than just one gym have to offer? Look no more, the new UFC Gym located in Kakaako Honolulu Hawaii formally known as Pipeline. This gym is state of the art with top of the line equipment and teaches different styles of fighting technics to individuals as young as three years of age. People think just because the name UFC that it’s where you can brawl and tap people out, got it all wrong. You learn basic self-defense moves, and get a taste of what professional fighters go through with cardio and strength fitness before entering the cage. This gym is design to help you have self-confidence and train like the professional fighters of the UFC. I signed up as a member the first day the doors open, and the first thing that came to mind was “WOW, the female employees look like ring girls.” The gym is very nice and well organized separating the cardio machines from the free weights as well as the mats for jujitsu and the heavy bags for boxing, giving enough room to teach multiple classes at the same time without interfering classes or individual’s working out. The center of the gym has a professional size octagon cage for members to train or spars, making this gym feel like a real UFC environment. The UFC gym challenges members to various works outs not just fighting but as well as D.U.T. ( daily ultimate training), MMA Fight Fitness, zumba, cycling, yoga, and many more classes to choose from, to top it off the gym is open 24 hours for your convenience. D.U.T is a mass cardio workout (similar to cross fit) that consists of six to seven different exercises that is time for two to three minutes and moving on to the next one for about four cycles. MMA fight fit is something that UFC fighters do to train there temple to achieve more stamina in the octagon. It too consists of six to seven...
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