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Topics: Amusement park, Six Flags, Roller coaster Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: August 26, 2014
Review Paper
The sound of panicked screams and laughing shrieks pierced the air, punctuated by the roaring of friction being created by speed. Glaring sun shone down oppressively on Six Flags Fiesta Texas, an amusement park deep in the heart of Texas and nestled in a stone quarry. This particular amusement park features several thrilling rollercoasters, countless family rides, a large waterpark, and full sized restaurants. As soon as I drive into the parking lot, the golden and blue rollercoaster Goliath lords over the entrance of the park. Reaching to the height of a hundred and five feet, this monster of a ride reaches to speeds of fifty miles per hour. The dangling seats holding their screaming cargo journey through breathtaking and pressure filled curves, twists and drops. After taking away my voice, the trains suddenly stop at the station where I had begun, and I was ushered into the exit while still trying to catch my breath. After that exhilarating experience I head toward the Superman, the one of the most popular rollercoasters Fiesta Texas has to offer. The signature red and blur track stands at one hundred and sixty-eight feet, while the trains cascade down the sudden and lengthy descents at speeds of seventy miles per hour, clocking in as one of the fastest rollercoasters Six Flags has presented. I climb into my seat and reaching up, clamp the shoulder restraining harness firmly into place. My legs dangled over the track as my hands gripped the handlebars on the harness, and my eyes strained to see the track ahead. We departed the station and climbed up the track. As we crested the hill we went along fairly level tracks, and then we plunged into the tremendous drop that threw us into a whirling circles and helixes that turned us upside down. Once this was over we were deposited into the station, leaving me speechless. Once I recovered, I then proceeded to explore the rest of the park, riding the Iron Rattler and cooling off at the waterpark....
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