Topics: Ford Dagenham assembly plant, Strike action, Woman Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Critical Response: Made in Dagenham

Made in Dagenham is a British film about girls’ empowerment in the form of Ford sewing girls machinists at the Ford Dagenham plant in the year 1968. Back in the days, the female is considered unskilled and inferior compared to male. The female workers were paid less and had terrible working conditions. Therefore, the female workers lead by one of the workers, Rita O’Grady went on strike demanding for equality with the male workers in term of payment. In the end, the strike went successful. This essay is going to discuss further about the characters, theme, setting and the social issues of the movie.

The movie itself has many supporting characters, however, the main character of the movie is Rita O’Grady. Rita was pictured as a small Brunette hair lady who didn’t talk much. Although, after she is fed up with the inequality existed among the women workers, Rita started to show the real inner woman hero inside her. Rita is really a fearless and courageous woman, yet intelligent when it comes to convincing people to support for her and fellow women workers. For instance, in one scene of the movie, when Rita and the women workers were attending the Trade Union conference, Rita attempted to collect votes from the men in the conference and her attempt was succeed! She collected the majority votes for her and the other women workers, because of her thoughtful speech.

Moreover, Rita O’Grady, just like any other ordinary women is also a fragile, delicate and caring woman. A part of movie show how unhappy Rita was when she and Eddie, her husband had a terrible fight about their recent relationship. But, Rita didn’t stop and gave up easily, as her friends will always support her no matter what.

As for the setting of the movie, it takes a lot of scenes around Rita’s neighborhood and the factory in Dagenham. Also, there is a scene from the movie, which takes place in Eastbourne, the place where trade union conference was held....
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