Reverse Discrimination

Topics: Affirmative action, 1980s music groups, Discrimination Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: February 8, 2002
"Reverse Discrimination"

My topic for my paper is going to be "reverse discrimination." As far as for the topics and issues I am going to touch on, that is still kind of in the air. I know that the main topic is going to be reverse discrimination in the workplace. I am going to list both sides of the argument. That is that I will list people/things that are both for and against reverse discrimination. I am going to give an example based on my personal experience through my summer job. I work construction in the summer, and it is pretty easy for a women or a minority to get a job there as long as they are hiring. I am going to also give an example how it is pretty easy for some individuals who are not a minority to get a minority card. An example is a guy I worked with through his union hall got an Indian card saying he has so much Indian blood in him. In realization he has absolutely no Indian blood in him. I will also show how a company can go around having a certain number of minorities on there work force. I will talk about forms that have to be filled out when you apply for a job. How a separate document you have to fill out is all about your gender, race, and so on.

Another issue I may talk about is how colleges/universities accept minorities. Possibly look at their race/gender make-up. Possibly look at the paperwork involved in applying to a college/university.

My main and possibly only topic is going to be based on reverse discrimination in the work place. I may add another issue depending upon how much information I can gather on reverse discrimination in the workplace.
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