Revenge of Peter Pan

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Peter Pan

Revenge of Peter Pan

J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan is a tale of a young boy surrounded by love, revenge and jealousy on the Island of Neverland. Living the life as a young boy and having adventures every kid would dream of having. Along with the fun and exciting adventures Peter Pan has on the Neverland Island there is also revenge and thrilling turn of events at hand. The idealization of revenge in this story makes for an intriguing tail on everyday life.

Even though he lived life freely he still would fly into a window at night and listen to bedtime stories Mrs. Darling would read to her daughter, Wendy. Until on night he loses his shadow and wakes Wendy to help attach it. He then asks Wendy to fly with him to Neverland to be a mother to his Lost Boys. She then agrees and her brothers Michael and John tag along for the ride.

Years pass as young Peter Pan enjoys the company of mother “Wendy” and the Lost Boys he still has the nemesis, Captain James Hook lurking around the island. Hook is out for revenge on Peter Pan for cutting off his hand. Although the pirate, Hook seems fearless the sound of the crocodile that ate his hand has him running for safety. He seeks out to find Peter and their hide out using Tiger Lily. After a long night Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael arrive to the island. Not knowing of the jealousy Tinker Bell, Peter Pans fairy, has for Peter’s passion for the beloved Wendy. She is out for revenge also to kill Wendy and have her Peter Pan to herself once again.

The revenge Hook has on Peter Pan creates a hook to the story and keeps you in suspense as to what will come next this great adventure. The plots Barrie choose makes you think about how you would deal with your own problems in life. However, seeking out revenge is frowned upon due to the fact that is only creates negative feedback or worse. For instance, Peter is fighting with Hook and is tackled by a crocodile and losses his hand. Hook is not out to seek revenge but...
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