Revenge- Hamlet

Topics: Justice, Law, Ethics Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: October 14, 2012
In today’s world, there are a lot of people can’t tell the difference between getting justice and taking revenge; they think getting justice and taking revenge are the same things. In my opinion, there are several ways can tell the difference of them. First, getting justice is an action based on the rules of fairness, ethics, equality and law to bring harmony and closure to all people involved. Taking revenge is on the other hand. It refers to an action taken by an individual as a response to a wrong thing. For example, in the play of Hamlet, Hamlet killed his uncle and mother because they murdered his father in order to take away the throne. This is revenge because when Hamlet tried to retake the throne, his killing of his uncle and mother doesn’t obey the ethics and law. Secondly, the purpose of taking revenge and getting justice is different. Taking revenge is selfish; it is done to satisfy the people who suffered the wrongdoing. For Hamlet, who suffered the pain of losing father and nation, killing his uncle and mother can help he retakes the throne and seek his own personal revenge. He doesn’t consider other things, such as his citizens, relationship. However, getting justice is selfless; it is done to ensure everyone in the society is treated fairly. For instant, the courts put criminals into jail or sentenced them to death. It is getting justices because those criminal must have bad influence in the society, or threat to others’ life and property. Over all, taking revenge is something you think should be done while getting justice is what should be done. Revenge can you're your personal satisfaction, but the steps that people take may be not fair. And Taking revenge usually come with negative emotion. On the opposite, Justices, as perform well, can make the society more harmony.
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