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THE BIGGER PERSON: revenge is not the answer to everything

There is no need for revenge. “ Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and if you’r lucky enough God will let you watch”. Revenge is not justified because it won’t make you any better than the person who hurt you and won’t fix the situation. Revenge wont make you any better than the one who hurt you or feel any better afterwards than the one who wronged you felt. The guilt of the ones on the island was what “brought then to their death” ( ). They couldnt live with themselves knowing that they killed somebody. You dont need to hurt them, they will eventually get what they deserve. Forgive the person and their actions. Never give into hate, let it go, set it free, karma will take care of what is ment to be. Be the bigger person. Revenge wont fix the situation. If you fight fire with fire all you get is a bigger fire and end up getting hurt. As Kelly Clarkson sang “ catching my breath letting it go turning my cheek for the sake of the show... no one can hold me back i aint got time for that. Catch my berath wont let thm get me down”. The better way to solve it is forgiving and it will make you stronger at the end. After youve been hit, slapped, steped on, or spoken of dont wast your time trying to get even. Just dust off your shoulders because life goes on. In And Then There Were None they said that “the right shall prevail”( ). The wrong will get whats coming for them. Revenge is never the right answer to anything. You need to turn the other cheek. Being nice to them gets on their nerves be the bigger person . Dont make a never ending cycle. If someone hurts you and you get back at them thats not the end. They are going to try to get back at you because you got reveng on them and they wernt happy about that. So...
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