Rev of 1800
Topics: Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, John Adams, Vice President of the United States, United States, Democracy / Pages: 2 (428 words) / Published: Nov 3rd, 2013

Sarah H.
Mrs. W.
16 October 2013
The Revolution of 1800 In November 1800, a bloodless revolution began as the election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson took place. This election caused a significant change in government as Federalist, John Adams, would be replaced by Thomas Jefferson, a Democratic-Republican. There was an opposition in foreign policies, as both parties had opposite ideas on the topic. To a great extent, the election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson was properly named “The Revolution of 1800” for its change in government and ideas on foreign policies. As the government moved to the District of Columbia, the “revolution” of an election had begun. John Adams, a federalist and the current office holder, was running for re-election. His opponent: Democratic-Republic, and “man of the people”, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson had anti-federalist ideas, wanting power for the people and the states. His ideology opposed that of the federalist ideas of John Adams and the other rich, white landowners, who preferred a large, central government. This change in power was controversial, because both parties had completely different ideas and values for running the United States government. The election of 1800 is considered a “revolution” because there was a nonviolent shift of power from the Federalist to the Democratic-Republicans, The difference in foreign policies played a major role in the election of 1800, as both parties disagreed on how the should be handled. While in power, the Federalists tried to limit the foreign affairs in America. During the XYZ Affair, the Federalists attempted to silence to opposition, creating the Alien & Sedition Acts to eliminate enemy aliens and limit the criticism of the democratic – Republicans. This was seen as un-constitutional to the anti-Federalists, as it took away their right to freedom of speech. The Democratic – Republicans were pro- foreign affairs, wanting to aid the French people in their

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