Reuse of Packaging of Bottles

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***re use of acking of bottles

Once you have minimised your use of packaging, you should consider whether your packaging can be designed so that it can be reused.

Reuse of packaging which requires the end customer to return packaging to the supply chain - eg glass milk bottles - has been in decline for several years. However, it is possible to have a level of reuse within your business and design packaging that lends itself more easily to reuse. The most common form of reuse for consumer products is of strong packaging that stays with the end user - such as spice jars, biscuit tins or laundry detergent bottles.

You may also be able to reuse packaging within your own business or involve other organisations - such as other businesses in your supply chain.

You should consider whether packaging intended for reuse will actually get reused. For example, you may need to provide refills for people who already have reusable jars, bottles, tins, etc.

There are several aspects of reuse that your business should consider when designing product packaging.

Durability and weight
The options your business could consider include:

•reinforcing existing packaging designs to turn a one-use pack into a reusable system •ensuring the finish of the packaging can withstand several reuses •making the packaging lightweight yet durable by using alternative materials Use and handling

The options your business could consider include:

•ensuring packaging is robust enough to be loaded and unloaded without any significant damage •making the packaging easy to collapse and stack with clear markings on how the packs should be stacked or nested •easy opening and secure closing

•easy label removal and attachment to allow reuse
Cleaning and refurbishment
The options your business could consider include:

•designing the packaging so that it can easily be washed ready for reuse •making the packaging modular and repairable
•ensuring the cleaning process can be completed with the minimum impact on the environment This content is subject to Crown Copyright

***same topic
Glass Bottle Packaging — Reuse vs. Recycling

Imagine the following: You go to the kitchen, pull a glass out of the cabinet, and pour a delicious glassful of "Wheat Grass and Cranberry Spritzer" or whatever drink suits your fancy. You drink it down. Mmm. Then you put the glass in the recycle bin. Every time you or someone else in your household uses a glass for a drink, into the recycle bin it goes. Every week when you go to the grocery store, you buy new glasses. Keep imagining.... Restaurants do the same thing—every glass of wine, beer, water or whiskey they serve requires a new glass, rather than being served in a glass that gets washed and reused.

What is the point of this Bizarro World of Glassware? The idea is to imagine the inefficiency that would be inherent in such glass use:

•the energy required to transport and process the additional "glass to be recycled"; •the energy required to create the new glassware from recycled glass (or from raw materials, when people aren't recycling properly); •the pollution associated with these operations;

•or, in the worst case, where people are too lazy to recycle their glasses, the disposal costs. Of course, we do not do this with the glasses in our kitchen cabinets—we reuse them hundreds of times. But realize that the Bizarro World of Glassware DOES apply to glass bottle packaging. The glass bottles and jars in which we buy juice, fancy teas, spaghetti sauce, and other food and beverage products are not cleaned and reused in the US, they are recycled (or, all too often, just tossed in the trash). Even the better case, recycling, requires the glass bottle packaging to be stripped of its labels, melted down, and reformed into new glass. This is far more energy-intensive than sterilizing and reusing the bottles.

So, why don't we do the sensible thing and reuse...
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