Reusability of Code

Topics: Programming language, Object-oriented programming, Computer programming Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Edwin Dix
Reusability of Code
April 25, 2013
Instructor: Craig Kaercher

Object-oriented programming (OOP) and procedural programming are two programming paradigms. Procedural programming is a method of writing software. It is a programming practice centered on the procedures or actions that take place in a program. Object-oriented programming centers on the object. Object-oriented programming creates objects from abstract data types that encapsulate data and functions together (Gaddis 2010). There are many similarities and differences in terms of procedural programming modules and objects in relation to; reusability, security (as in hiding code), and the passing of data within the program itself.

Procedural programming was the first of the two and contains within the program one or multiple procedures. These procedures perform their own specific tasks to supplement the program and are centered through models and functions. The procedures use the data items that are not part of the procedure, however; in a procedural program the data items are transmitted to each procedure. As the program becomes larger and more complicated problems can arise as the separation of data and code can become stressed. Procedural programming provides a better use in smaller applications as it is more concise and straightforward.

Procedural programming modules and objects are similar in that they use most of the same commands to execute their functions and store their data but also are very different. Procedural modules are easier to use for small specific programs that perform specialized functions. Objects are used for more general operations that show a need for more complex and reusable functions that may...
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