Returning to School

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Returning to School

Tammy Lovitt



Raymond Nowak

November 19, 2010


My paper describes how I wanted to go back to school. In this paper it allows for a chance to understand the obstacles that I had to overcome to return to school. Then I will explain how I came to the conclusion of when to return to school. From hard times and how it has changed my life and the life of my family. How I ended up in the investments of my academics to allow me to make the correct path on how and when to return to school.

Thesis Statement

Obtaining my GED and making the decision on returning back to school. Reaching your goals in life and never giving up. Believing in myself to always push forward and never give up. You are never too old to return back to school. Setting a inspiring example for your children. No mountain is too high to climb as long as you have the right tools to climb.

Returning to School As a child growing up I have always wanted to become a teacher. When I reached adulthood I had to return to school to get my GED. While I was attending school to get my GED I married and started a family. I graduated from GED school and was offered a job in the school district as a paraprofessional. I was working at the school, being a mother and a wife so I had very little time for myself.

My life was very hectic with working for the school, taking my children to their Cub Scout meetings, band practice, and performing my duties as a wife and mother. My husband...
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