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Topics: Cash flow, Internal rate of return, Rate of return Pages: 4 (837 words) Published: September 23, 2013
REV: MAY 14, 2004


Reto S.A.
In December 2004, R. E. Torgler was trying to decide whether to add a new line of injection molded plastic products to those already manufactured and distributed by Reto S.A. In order to do so, the firm would have to buy new injection molding equipment; none of the existing equipment could be adapted to perform the necessary operations, and Torgler was anxious to retain control of manufacturing. Actually, new injection molding equipment of the type needed had been considered before, but a decision to purchase the equipment had been postponed because the product concept was judged to need additional development. But now the products seemed ready. Sales of the new product were forecast at SFr. 2,000,0001 per year, from which a sales commission of 15 percent would be paid to Reto’s sales agents. Direct manufacturing costs were budgeted at SFr. 600,000 for materials and SFr. 900,000 for labor, leaving an annual cash flow before taxation of SFr. 200,000. The new equipment would cost SFr. 600,000, delivered and installed, and was expected to have an economic life of 10 years before it would become worthless. Reto was able to borrow money at 8 percent, although it did not plan to negotiate a loan specifically for the purchase of this equipment.


Ignoring the effect of taxes, what is the “internal rate of return” (IRR) on the proposed investment. Assume the new equipment would be installed by January 1, 2005, and begin producing on that date.


The cost of the equipment can be deducted from annual cash flows before they are subjected to taxation. Assuming that the equipment will last 10 years, and that an equal amount of the cost of SFr. 600,000 will be deducted each year, and that the tax rate is expected to be 45 percent, what is the IRR on an after-tax basis?


Torgler has stated that Reto should be willing to purchase this machine as long as it yielded a return of 12...
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