Retinitis Pigmentosa

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Retiniti stress on retinitis pigmentosa|
Stress on Retinitis Pigmentosa|
By Parent|
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This will discuss about the rare eye disease known as Retinitis Pigmentosa and the many connections it has to stress.|

The beginning of Retinitis Pigmentosa
The beginning of this rare disease was from a mutation of rhodopsin a pigment that is essential in visual transduction and was first recorded in 1989 and since then more than 100 mutations have been found from that gene (wiki RP Genetics). The disease currently has multiple symptoms which include; night blindness tunnel vision (no peripheral), peripheral vision (no central), Latticework vision, aversion to glare, slow adjustment from dark to light and vice versa, blurred vision, poor color separation, and extreme tiredness (RP symptoms). In order to get as a most common cause is both parents have the recessive gene which mainly came from a European heritage. The only way to know if you have the dominant gene is after puberty which shows many of the early symptoms such as night blindness. As time moves along the possibility in degeneration of vision varies and is sometimes unpredictable but sudden blindness is not likely. Stress Involvement

The stress retinitis pigmentosa causes is mainly psychological and not usually physical. If someone with night blindness could not enjoy anything within darkened areas like school dances or indoor laser tag. The main physical stress is when operating a vehicle at night when there are cars coming in the opposite direction with their lights on, the constant shift of light to dark causes an agitation to the glare, as well as when a dark shape is in the distance they usually wouldn’t be able to make it out until it’s within the view of the lights. If retinitis pigmentosa progressed further in the loss of the peripheral or tunnel vision then seeing objects would become harder and portraying of visual degeneration would also be noticeable. It...
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