Retailing in Electronic Commerce: Products and Services

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Chapter 3
Retailing in Electronic Commerce: Products and Services

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to: 1. Describe electronic retailing (e-tailing) and its characteristics.
2. Define and describe the primary e-tailing business models. 3. Describe how online travel and tourism services operate and their impact on the industry. 4. Discuss the online employment market, including its participants, benefits, and limitations. 5. Describe online real estate services. 6. Discuss online stock-trading services. 7. Discuss cyberbanking and online personal finance. 8. Describe on-demand delivery by e-grocers. 9. Describe the delivery of digital products and online entertainment. 10. Discuss various e-tail consumer aids, including comparison-shopping aids. 11. Identify the critical success factors and failure avoidance for direct online marketing and e-tailing. 12. Describe reintermediation, channel conflict, and personalization in e-tailing.

Content Taking E-Tailing to the Next Level
3.1 Internet Marketing and Electronic Retailing
3.2 E-Tailing Business Models
3.3 Travel and Tourism Services Online
3.4 Employment Placement and the Job Market Online
3.5 Real Estate, Insurance, and Stock Trading Online
3.6 Banking and Personal Finance Online
3.7 On-Demand Delivery Services and E-Grocers
3.8 Online Delivery of Digital Products, Entertainment, and Media
3.9 Online Purchase-Decision Aids
3.10 Problems with E-Tailing and Lessons Learned
3.11 Issues in E-Tailing
Managerial Issues
Real-World Case: Wal-Mart Goes Online

Answers to Pause/Break Section Review Questions

Section 3.1 Review Questions

1. Describe the nature of B2C EC.

B2C e-commerce is concerned with businesses selling products to customers.

2. What sells well in B2C?

A variety of goods sell well online. These goods include: computers and electronics, sporting goods, office supplies, books and music, toys, health and beauty products,

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