Retail Store Design: Creating a Powerful Store Image

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2.Importance of Study
3.Review of Literature
4.Objectives of Study
5.Research Methodology
7.Chapter Scheme

Retail Store Design: Creating a Powerful Store Image

1. Introduction
We've heard it again and again - "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". Even though there are many influences at work in the shopping experience, the look of a store holds the most sway in enticing us through the doors. We even tend to sum up that initial in-store encounter in visual terms: a store is exciting, clean or well-organized or, at the other end of the scale, boring, messy, or overwhelming. It is not enough anymore for a store to just look good from a merchandising or display standpoint. Who can afford to spend quantum amounts of time or money on improving a store's look without being assured of a healthy return on investment? Today, a store not only must perform by exciting and encouraging the customer to buy, but from the retailer's point of view, it must perform profitably. Visual merchandising is comprised of six components: image, layout, presentation, signing, display and events. This article will focus on the component that lays the groundwork for all the other components -- image. Everything you do within the store -- how you develop your layout, your presentation, your signing, your displays and your events -- must fit into the image you choose to create.

2. Importance of Study
Image can be described as the overall look of a store and the series of mental pictures and feelings it evokes within the beholder. For the retailer, developing a powerful image provides the opportunity to embody a single message, stand out from the competition and be remembered. As a rule, image is the foundation of all retailing efforts. While store layout, presentation, signing, displays and events can all change to reflect newness and excitement from week to week, season to season, they must always remain true to the underlying store image. Studies indicate that a retailer has roughly seven seconds to capture the attention of a passing customer. The following elements combine to form a distinctive image that not only reaches out and grabs the customer' s attention, but makes a positive impression within those precious few seconds.

3. Review of Literature
The Image-makers:
1. An Identifiable Store Name
2. A Powerful Visual Trademark
3. An Unmistakable Storefront
4. An Inviting Entrance
5. A Consistent and Compelling Store Look and Hook
1. Identifiable Store Names: What's in a Name?

An effective store name sets the tone and provides a store' s identification by conjuring up an image in the customer's mind. A store name should be easy to say and remember, indicative of the images and feelings you want the customer to retain and unlikely to sound dated in a few years. 2. Powerful Visual Trademarks

On Your Mark An identifiable trademark adds a visual image to the memory recall of a store name, by combining words and pictures, colour, shape, typeface, texture and/or style to make it stand out. Identifiable even in the absence of the store name, a successful trademark should be unique to you, indicative of your products and services, consistent with the overall impression you want to leave customers and be professional and well-designed. 3. Unmistakable Storefronts Traffic-Stoppers

Customers simply don't have the time to "read" into the store, so just as your store name and trademark -- the title of your" book" -- must provide instant recognition and recall, your exterior storefront -- the cover of your "book" -- must project a welcoming, clear and concise image of what' s in-store. Traffic-stopping storefronts use a thoughtful combination of exterior architecture, signing and window displays to ensure a powerful first impression. Exterior Architecture

A store's exterior look is often referred to as the architecture,...
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