Retail: Retailing and Rack Rounder Gondolas

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Chapter 18
Visual Merchandising

I. Visual Merchandising- is the presentation of a store and its merchandise in ways that will attract the attention of potential customer.

Fixtures-its purpose are to efficiently hold and display merchandise. At the same time, they must help define areas of a store and encourage traffic flow.

a. Straight rack – Consists of a long pipe suspended from supports going to the floor or attached to a wall. b. Rounder- also known as bulk fixture or capacity fixture is a round fixture that sits on a pedestal. Although smaller than the staraight rack, its designed to hold a maximum amount of merchandise. c. Four way fixture- also known as feature fixture has two crossbars that sit perpendicular to each other on a pedestal.This fixture holds a large amount of merchandise and allows the customer to view the entire garment. d. Gondolas- are extremely versatile. They’re used extensively, but not exclusively, in grocery and discount stores to display everything from canned foods to gloves.

[pic] [pic][pic]
Straight rack Rounder Gondolas

Four way Rack

II. Presentation Techniques

a. Idea-Oriented Presentation- Is a method of presenting merchandise based on a specific idea or the image of the store. b. Style/Item presentation- The most common technique of organizing stock is by style or item. c. Color presentation- a bold merchandising technique is by color. d. Price lining- is when retailers offer a limited number of predetermined price points and or price categories within another classification.

Vertical merchandising – Merchandise is presented vertically using walls and high gondolas.

Tonnage Merchandising- is a display technique in which large quantities of merchandise are displayed together. Customers have come to equate tonnage with low price, following the retail adage “stock it high and let it fly.”

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