Retail Management Startegy of Massimo Dutti

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The chain was originally set up to commercialize menswear,but in 1992 ,they introduced a complete collection of womenswear. {draw:frame}
Massimo dutti has designed following apparel collection for women men and children . What do outlets do to make retail better and effective ?
Men of 25-50 years old providing them with personal tailoring .provide with formal and casuals. It also provide with Massimo dutti soft collection, accessories fragrance etc . Broadly and deeply assorted.

For eg:
Procurement :
Establishing merchandising sources ,policies and practices. *Prices*:
Services provided:
Store atmosphere:
Massimo dutti atmosphere is high end atmosphere but classy ,high lighting , wooden flooring and interiors with no picture on walls and mannequins on window. They have a classy look inside and the sales people are very well dressed and ever ready to assist you and influence you to buy . They have light music going on background of outlet . Location:

*Overall about Massimo dutti* vertical integration
Massimo dutti manufactures and distributes its products in small batches and company itself designs interiors ,warehousing and operates it logistics. Because of this (vertical integration) Massimo dutti developed a successful merchandising strategy which created a pool of opportunity and fast fashion system . By owning it own in house production ,it was with an ease of producing new style line and providing with tailoring services to the customer . *Store management aspect *:

*Store layout *: They have a very elegant looks of the store . The men and women section are differently placed and with different ambience all together . The clothe are so well placed and in very appealing manner with complete matching and accessories along with it . And they highlight the latest in with light effects and displaying it a mannequins. Following picture shows the layout of cloth in Massimo Dutti stores *Designs*:...
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