Retail Management

Topics: Marketing, Market research, Marketing research Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: June 18, 2013
S. No.| Topic| Session| Lecture/Interaction| Books/Suggestions| 1.| Unit -ISession:- 7Introduction of Marketing ResearchWhat is Marketing Research?Features of Marketing ResearchDistinction b/w Market Research & Marketing Research| 1| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 2.| Nature of Marketing ResearchImportance of Marketing ResearchHow it is used in today’s World?| 2| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 3.| Objectives of Marketing ResearchMarketing Research Plans for Research| 3| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 4.| Scope of Marketing ResearchEvolution of Marketing Research| 4| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 5.| Marketing Research Relationship with other disciplinesHow it is touched with other disciplines?| 5| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 6.| Marketing Research ProcessRole & limitations of Marketing Research| 6| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 7.| Assignment :1The Toy Industry to Fight Back Red Invasion| 7| Assignment| Check| 8.| Unit-IISession:-7Data and their related Concept:-What do you mean by Secondary Data?Merits and Limitations of Secondary Data| 8| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 9.| Sources of Secondary Data CollectionHow it is useful for us?| 9| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 10.| Basic meaning of Primary DataLogic behind the getting of Primary Data| 10| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 11.| Merits and Limitations of Primary data| 11| Interaction| MRG.C. Beri| 12.| Sources of Collecting Primary DataHow it is difficult to collect?| 12| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 13.| Survey method of Collecting Primary dataAdministration procedure of Survey Method| 13| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 14.| Case Study:-H.P. Kaldarshak| 14| Group Discussion| P-76(MR-G.C. Beri)| 15.| Unit-IIISession:- 5Measurement and TechniquesWhat do Mean by Measurement?Characteristics of Scientific Measurement| 15| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 16.| Standardized concept of AttitudeBasic features of AttitudeWhy study Attitude?| 16| Lecture| MRG.C. Beri| 17.| What do mean by Scaling...
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