Retail Banking of Brac Bank Ltd.

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HRM Practices in Bangladesh

With the increase in the size and complexity of businessorganization, man has become the most important factor inbusiness. Business needs people as owners, employees, andconsumers. Organizations need people to make them operated. Anorganization is nothing without human resource. Of all theresources, the most important one is human resource, becausehuman beings play a dual role- as resource, as well as a motiveforce for all other resources by manipulating them, by the way of developing, utilizing, commanding and controlling. So humanresource management (HRM) functions include recruitment,selection, training and development, performance appraisal,compensation and industrial relation in an organization.Our report is focused on the HR activities that HSBC practices to develop its organization. After the survey and gathering all theinformation, it is found that HSBC practices all the basic functions of HRM and this bank also practices other HR strategies like Strategictesting, HPWS, HRIS etc. this report provides the details about the organizations’ :

•Planning and Recruitmen
•Selection and testing
•Benefits and rewards
•Training and Development


Primary Data
•Most of the absolute data has been collected from the internet. •Industrial data and HR data has been gathered from the HR personnel of HSBC Secondary Data
•Other information such as industry analysis, company profile was unruffled from the internet.


•This report is about the HR functions of HSBC. So it is agreat opportunity to know about the organizations in detail. •By focusing on the HR activities, we understood theapplication of HR theories in practice aspects. •Chance of knowing the reality of HR practices inBangladesh.


•All the details were not in the internet.
•Due to short time, information were not collected in a detailfrom the personnel of HSBC •Lack of knowledge and experience was our limitations...
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