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Retail Management

(Visit to Metro Mall)

To:Prof. Vrushali

Submitted by: Deepak Kolte PG-B 90


The retail sector is the India’s one of the fastest growing sector. It comprises unorganized retail as well as organized retail market. From last 10 years organized retail has shown tremendous growth. Organized retail consist Malls, Hypermarkets, super market etc. Everyday thousands of customers visit these malls as it gives variety of goods under one roof. It is the place where many brands like HUL, COKE get sold in large numbers. For brands malls are easy & economical way to reach to their customers as people from all age groups visit malls for shopping. These malls include variety of solutions to customers’ different needs. Customers can watch movie or can go McDonalds, KFC for having snacks. Many urban people go to shopping in weekends in malls where they watch movies in multiplex like PVR or can have snacks in KFC. All business in malls are internally related as if anyone goes for shopping he/she can also visit KFC or if anyone goes with friends to watch movie he/she can also do shopping or visit KFC after movie. If we observe these malls carefully we will understand that these malls built in such manner that while doing shopping customers will see variety of brands. Even if you are going to watch movie in PVR the way to go PVR in mall will designed in such way that customers will see maximum numbers of brands while walking towards PVR. Even in Nirmal Lifestyle also the place of...
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