Topics: Health care, High school, Nursing Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Samraggi Rana
8 Wilton St., Somerville, MA 02145
OJECTIVES:_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking to obtain employment in a professional healthcare position, where I can build on my previous healthcare related experiences, and help provide better healthcare services. SKILLS:________________________________________________________ * Dedicated with genuine passion towards the betterment and development of patient care, healthcare establishments, fellow co-workers and my own personal healthcare related experiences, practices and knowledge. * Hard working and loyal. With a well mannered work ethic.

* Understands the value of a team, as well as the importance of individual responsibilities, in helping to successfully and efficiently complete assigned tasks, and improve the general operations of an establishment. * Excellent customer service skills, with experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, various situational scenarios, and catering to the versatile needs of a customer. * Efficient organizational and time management skills, with experience conducting administrative/clerical duties such as filing and record keeping. * Also aware of the ethical and legal issues with regards to Patient Confidentiality and the proper means/practices to safely protect sensitive information. * Quick / malleable learner, not afraid to ask questions until a task is completed perfectly. * Proficient with the use of computers for administrative tasks, with experience in the use of Microsoft Office Software and a willing learner, if need be. * Multilingual: Ability to communicate effectively and equally well in Nepali, Hindi and English Languages. RELATED QUALIFICATIONS:_______________________________________________________________________________ * Graduate/Student of the Somerville High School Nursing Program (Participated for a year in 2010) * President of the...
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