Results of World War 1

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World War I - Results
The First World War “ended” in 1918 in November, when the Treaty of Versailles was signed to create an armistice. Though this treaty became active on that day for Western Europe, this treaty did not take effect in Eastern Europe until up to mid-1920s. Political, cultural, and social order was changed immensely in Europe, Asia, and Africa, even countries not directly in the war. As a result of the damages from the war, many new countries were formed. Also, millions of people WORLDWIDE were killed after the war ended, by a virus we still battle today.

After the signing of the treaty of Versailles on November 11, 1918 to end the world war, there were many plagues upon the participating countries. The largest 4 countries (France, Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary) suffered over 50% casualty rate. The USA had casualties of 321 thousand, 8% of the deployed number of forces. Over 28 million casualties were suffered worldwide. Some researchers of the World Wars argue that there was just a single World War and that it was simply a small intermission between the two parts. This theory is that the treaty asked for an armistice. The definition of armistice is a temporary ceasefire between two opposing forces. In this definition, researchers argue that the armistice was ended when Adolf Hitler began the “Second” World War because the same parties involved before were involved in this war as well.

The orders within countries all over the world, even those not involved in the war, were damaged in some way, whether politically, culturally, or socially. Borders were shifted, new countries formed and governments were overturned and/or replaced. Russia, Austria, Hungary, and Germany endured revolutions at the end of the war. These revolutions aimed to bring forth communism in place of their governments. The revolutions succeeded in bringing communism to Germany, Russia, and Hungary; however the revolution in Russia brought forth the Soviet Union, but...
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