Results and Conclusion Paper

Topics: Obesity, Qualitative research, Body mass index Pages: 4 (1176 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Results and Conclusion of Research Process Paper
September 23, 2012
Regan Parks

Results and Conclusion of Research Process Paper
In my week two assignment an article entitled Changes in fitness, body mass index and obesity in 9-10 year olds was used and this same article will be used again for this article. The topic for the week two paper was about the background and methodologies of this article. Now in the week three paper the topic will be about the results and conclusions of this very same article. Results: Data Collection Method

In this article children are selected from schools across Liverpool. Once these children had been selected, height and weight measurements were calculated and the children began enduring the tests. There were different tests for height, weight, sex and age brackets for the children. Also, body mass index (BMI) was figured out for the children. This method of data collection is appropriate for this article due to the fact that the problem is that there is too much childhood obesity in 9 and 10 year old children and the testing of children of all heights, weights and both sexes is a good way to figure out an average of just how much the average child is overweight. The reliability of this article is just that the tests were done over and over again during different parts of the years to show that the children's body mass index differed very little. The validity of this article is that the testing was done on a wide enough group of children that the point was well proven. In this article and during the testing of the children, they were not run ragged or forced to do these tests. Sportslinx was the one to help find the children from the schools, the article does not state if there was any other type of protection or permissions for these children to attend the testing for this survey. In doing testing on a especially children, there are many laws that have to be followed. For one the children are minors, meaning...
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