Results and Conclusion

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Childhood Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Results and Conclusion: Childhood Obesity

As previously discussed childhood obesity is a major illness in the United States mainly but also all over the world. While childhood obesity has increased rapidly over the years, many wonder what can be done in order to fix this issue. Can a child`s cafeteria at school make a difference? If so, are there healthier options for children to choose from? Throughout the paper, the author will touch base on how the results of the data collection method, the data analysis procedure, and conclusion of applying the background and methodology of the research process to problems in health care with regards to the crisis that is childhood obesity. Data Collection Method

Throughout this study the data collection method was used in a proper manner. The study was conducted previously and children were the primary focus. In order for data to be collected there were some key words that were searched such as: obesity, school cafeteria, child obesity, physical activity, imbalance of diet and school board when pertaining to junk food. According to Karnik & Kaneka, the data collection method was thoroughly reviewed and the data was searched over a twelve year span. As stated previously the main topic for this studied subject are children and how obesity can affect not only their bodies but minds as well. In order for this study to be carried out, all liabilities were taken to ensure there were no issues. Some measures taken were: parental consent, NDA with an elementary school and the board, no names were revealed at any time, as well all subjects were under proper supervision throughout the study. Throughout the study the disguise of the children was the main factor this way the children were not abused for their overweight issues and the causes that lead up to it. As well as whether or not school officials agreed on cafeteria options and whether or not they would chose to add healthier options. After the study was conducted, no...
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