Result Based Managementin Public Sector Organisation

Topics: Management, Peter Drucker, Failure Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Result Based Management is a concept which dates back to the 1950s when Peter Drucker introduced the concept of management by objectives and its principles. Local authorities have failed to adopt and implement the Result Based Management Concept due to various challenges which include amongst them inadequate finance and human resources, resistance to change, poor communication channels, unrealistic budgets, poor management system, location of ownership, negative attitude and resistance to technology.

The mandate of local authorities is to deliver services in the most efficient and effective ways. Emphasis is placed on managing inputs and activities and there are no clear demonstrations of results to the satisfaction of all stakeholders concerned. On the other hand Result Based Management aims at clearly setting out expected results of programmes being undertaken through the establishment of performance indicators thus progress is monitored and assessed towards achieving expected results. The Result Based Management also tries to enhance accountability of the organisation to stakeholders for example ratepayers and farmers in case of local authorities therefore the Result Based Management concept is beneficial to local authorities.

According to deVisser (2010), the main challenge faced by local authorities is that of financial and human resources and constraints. Lack of finances has hindered local authorities in the adoption and implementation of the Result Based Management. In Mazowe, Council was chosen as a pilot project to adopt and implement result based management in 2010 but due to lack of funds the officials of Council were not trained and the Result Based Management could not kick start in the district hence affecting the whole Province. Adoption of a new system requires finances and since Councils are struggling to make ends meet the government could come up with grants which will be given to local authorities to ensure adoption and...
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