Restricted Cell Phone Areas

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Text messaging Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: July 6, 2006
In the article" From Stone Age To Phone Age ", author Barbara Ehrereich argues that all cell phones serve as a status symbol, thus presenting mankind's selfish attempt to "showboat" their level of importance. By publicly engaging in meaningless conversations individuals are able to obtain admirer's jealously; thus portraying that the on-lookers are lonely because of their absence of a cellular phone or lack of received calls. In fact since primal times it has been a tendency of humans to compete with one another over similar status symbols from "shrunken-heads" to the best place of residence. Cell phones are both misused and overused instead of serving its original purpose for emergencies it is used to gossip, take pictures and compete with others; because of this cell phone usage should be restricted in certain areas.

People just do not know how to turn off their cell phones, its getting out of hand. Users are constantly exploiting their phones at inappropriate times, promoting a practice of disrespect towards their peers and colleagues. In many cases I have seen students both carry out a call and answer one in the middle of a classroom lecture. I have seen people answer their cell phones in church. Also I'm pretty sure that you have seen that one person on the bus cursing someone out on the other side of the receiver at the top of their lungs. These now common situations are completely disrespectful towards all those who witnesses and are affected. However, because cell phone users want to feel important, they disregard the fact that their over usage may have the tendency to disrupt the tasks of others and frankly they just don't care. If there phone rings, they don't care who toes they have to step on to answer it, because someone is thinking about them that makes them feel more important. Because lets be honest I'm pretty sure cell phone users know when it's okay to answer their cell phone and when it becomes rude. At the same time cell phone distributors...
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