Restorative Justice

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Restorative Justice and the Community
Restorative Justice is a somewhat different approach to justice. It is different from Punishment justice in the fact that it focuses on the needs of the victims and the offenders, rather than punishing the offenders with little to no consideration of the victims or the community. Victims take a more active role in the process while offenders are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and figure out ways to restore the community to a better state. In the Case of RJ City, the Restorative justice process started from the moment the crime was reported, and continues on as the community grows closer and offenders correct the wrong they have committed and continue to better the community. Understanding the whole process make it easier to understand and implement into society. Understanding how the crime affected the victim as well as the community will help officials understand how to go about a step by step process to ease the mind of the victim and community. Reflecting on how the restorative process benefitted the victim, the offenders and the community will make it easier to understand how restorative justice is a positive force that can greatly benefit the community as a whole. The restorative justice process, if administered correctly, can greatly benefit the community as a whole. In order for it to have a maximum benefit however, the process must be understood thoroughly. The restorative justice process starts as soon as a crime is reported. Officers need to ensure the crime scene is secured while a Victim Support Coordinator consoles the victim and tells them about how the city responds to crime. The victim support coordinator needs to also comfort the victims and tells them how the community is involved in the process. Police departments should have volunteer contacts that will help clean up a crime scene and ensure the victim is secure within the location of the crime scene. These volunteers should have the...

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