Restoration Theater and Comedy of the 17th and 18th Century

Pages: 4 (2473 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Reshma Khatoon
Kritika Sharma
British Literature 18th Century
20 October 2014
RESTORATION THEATRE AND COMEDY ( In special context of The Way of the World). Under this project my aim is explore the wider area of restoration theatre and comedy, what were changes during this period. In my writings I have detailed comedy of manner through The Way of the World . The year between 1660-1700 also known as the interregnum, or period between kings. This period saw a very little theatrical activity in England as the Puritans worked to derive out “sinful” theatre. A law passed in 1642 that suspended performances for five years. After the law expired Oliver Cromwell’s government passed another law declaring that all actors were to be considered rouges. Many theatre were even dismantled during these eighteenth years of stasis. In 1660 Charles II returned to England , and restoring the monarchy. This period, known as the restoration, was the time of renewal for British theatre. Charles II was a huge patron of theatre and helped breathe new life into British drama. A patent was even issued for new theatre companies, led by William Davenant, the Duke’s men was for younger performers, while older, more experienced actors were in the king’s company, led by Thomas Killigrew. While the two companies created new opportunities theatrically, their monopoly on performance hampered the growth of British theatre ( English theatre 1642-1800, web ). “ The theatre of 1600-1700 differed profoundly from that of the days of Elizabethan age and of the early seventeenth century. There is no A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Restoration period. Something died put of England with the Civil War and the...
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