Restaurant Review

Topics: Italian cuisine, Pasta, Restaurant Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: April 3, 2014
Olive Garden lives up to its’ slogan: “When you’re here you’re family,” by welcoming each guest and treating people with care. As I walk in to the Olive Garden Restaurant I look around notice the warm welcoming atmosphere that surrounds me, as the Hostess greets us with her gracious words, “Welcome to Olive Garden!” The Olive Garden restaurant is a well-known corporate chain of restaurants that offers a wide variety of Italian dishes. Throughout the restaurant I noticed the light brown stucco walls with fancy designs such as grape vines, low hanging lights, and pictures of chefs and it gives it a soothing “at home” feel. Olive Garden is a mid-priced, causal restaurant specializing in Italian food. Olive gardens creed is “When you’re here you’re family.” The ambience of the restaurant seeks to replicate an old world, Italian style, utilizing foliage in the décor and background music seeking of Italian themes. People were wearing mostly casual clothes, which made me to feel relaxed. The casual attire allowed me to feel relaxed like I was at home. It was loud at times but gave me the feeling of being with a large Italian family eating great food and having a good time. The walls had very decorative décor and made me feel like I was in an Italian marketplace. Pulling into the oversized parking lot, the first thing I noticed was all the landscaping and how well it was maintained. I found the restaurant overall very well maintained and clean although the floors were a little on the messy side. Almost immediately after being seated, diners are provided with family-style endless salad and breadsticks, which take the edge off hunger. Crayons and an activity page, as well as the salad and breadsticks keep the kids happy and entertained while the kitchen cooks up their food. Every Olive Garden location comes equipped with high chairs and changing tables as well as an affordable kid’s menu. Olive Garden offers a wide variety menu of Italian specialties. First I started off...
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