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Feeney’s Frozen Yogurt: Small Shop in a Big Industry

Did you know that “ approximately 1.53 billion gallons of ice cream and related frozen desserts were produced in the U.S in 20ll” (proquest)? Entrepreneurs across the country have opened thousands of frozen yogurt stores exploiting a nationwide health craze by promoting low fat deliciousness; resulting in a bloodbath of competition and demand. The secret luring customers in by the hundreds are low prices and the fact that the yogurt practically tastes like ice cream (Blumenthal, wsjonline). The use of milk rather then cream is the magic formula that gives frozen yogurt a less fattening mouth-watering taste. North Carolina has joined the nationwide frozen yogurt kick with three frozen yogurt shops every ten miles. Feeney’s frozen yogurt shop in Greensboro is one of the states biggest competitors. Pulling into the parking lot to Feeney’s Frozen Yogurt, one would be quick to judge the experience they are about to have. Stuck between a massive Harris Teeter and less impressive Papa John’s Pizza, Feeney’s ordinary white sign outside with a questionable pink and green frozen yogurt symbol of some sort, my expectation were immediately set low. However, Feeney’s Frozen Yogurt is a perfect example of the famous saying “ don’t judge a book by its cover. Once you overcome the generic outside display and walk through the glass door that reads open, the first step inside feels like you are standing in one of the rooms in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The first thing you see when you walk into Feeney’s Frozen Yogurt is an overwhelmingly cute set up. Between the Easter pale green walls accompanied by playful circle designs and bright pink pillars the tone is set for lighthearted and fun atmosphere. Walking down the main isle where there are about five or six little circle tables with very retro cream-colored chairs, one can’t help but feel bubbly in this small room. Although the front of the store is pleasant to the eye, the back of the shop is where the action happens as you prepare to make your own frozen yogurt delicious creation. Frozen yogurt shops have become the modern day reinvention of ice cream parlors. What makes these shops so trendy and innovative is a self-serving process, in which the customer practically does everything. Self-serving is becoming a growing trend especially in the frozen yogurt industry due to our self-sufficient society, however not everyone has fallen in love with the process like they have with frozen yogurt. Critics of self serving bring up the point that, “the labor costs, meanwhile, are minimal. Like Tom Sawyer with his whitewashed fence, self-serve shops get their customers to do all the work--and have them pay for the privilege” (Kadet, wsjonline). Feeney’s Frozen Yogurt is known for their self-serve style since 2010 when the first shopped opened, and became North Carolina’s first self-serve frozen yogurt bar. If you are planning to take your family to a sit down style place, with a strong emphasis on personal encounters and frequent customer server interactions, Feeney’s is not your desired destination. The only interactions you really have with the staff is briefly at the register and in passing either when they hold the door or clean your table for you. On the upside during my experiences, the few staff working at the time was perfectly pleasant and friendly. Despite the mix reviews on self serving, personally I thought the process of making your own cup, solely off of what your taste buds are craving is what makes frozen yogurt at Feeney’s so much fun. It is almost impossible to go into a frozen yogurt shop without tasting all of their flavors, I mean is that not the point of having sampler cups out tempting the public? Taste testing is that initial period of time when the customer decides if the frozen yogurt being presented is worth a dent in your wallet. Feeney’s frozen yogurt uses the element of surprise by having...

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