Restaurant manager

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Restaurant manager
A restaurant manager is someone who is the 'face' of a restaurant and whose main responsibilities are to deal with customer service issues, as well as to ensure that the food quality coming out of the kitchen is the best it can be. He or she also deals with staffing issues and ensures that everything runs as smoothly and profitably as possible.

The Duties and Responsibilities
The managers have to oversee the activities of the kitchen and dining room. Supervisory activities may include directing the cooks, servers and ensuring that the restaurant is clean and in compliance with health codes. 2.Ordering Supplies

Restaurant managers are responsible for ensuring that the restaurant maintains adequate supply levels. They order products from food service companies, produce and seafood vendors and beverage distributors ,as well as other items like utensils and napkins.

3.Customer Service
Managers may stop by customers' tables to ensure that everything is satisfactory. If customers are unsatisfied with the quality of food or service, the manager must step in, if the server cannot resolve the situation. They often listen to suggestions from customers regarding additional menu items or ways to prepare a dish. 4.Staffing

Managers bear the responsibility of ensuring that the restaurant is adequately staffed. They make out work schedules, so they must be sure that extra help is on hand to handle peak periods. Managers hire and fire employees and evaluate their job performance. Managers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that new employees are adequately trained. 5. Administrative Duties

Restaurant managers perform a variety of administrative duties. They keep records regarding payroll and budgeting and may perform general bookkeeping activities. The managers take the day's receipts to the bank for depositing.

The Qualities of a Restaurant Manager
1.Human Resources Skills
Employee turnover is very high in the...
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