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The Business Plan for

Executive Summary

Manly’s restaurant sector seems to lack a restaurant that will provide consumers with an authentic Brazilian dining experience. Currently, most restaurants in the area meet the expected industry standards but lacks in the supply of high quality food, beverage and service originated from South America. La Barata will target that gap and launch a Brazilian cultural experience in the Manly area specialising in dining, cooking classes and entertainment.

La Barata is an innovative restaurant with the ground-breaking concept of combining dining and entertainment at the same time and place. The restaurant will be located at the wharf in Manly, thirty minutes from Sydney CBD. The target market will be tourists and immigrants from South America as well as other international tourists and locals. La Barata will focus on middle and upper class but will not by this exclude other target markets. The restaurant will create a warm and welcoming environment that allows the customers as well as the employees to get a feeling of a friendly atmosphere. La Barata’s vision is to:

‘The aim for La Barata is to be the first choice for all customers who seek excellent food, service and culture experience’

Currently there is no restaurant in Manly which offers such a unique concept that La Barata is aiming to achieve. La Barata will underline its concept with three key points:

• Deliver a unique cultural experience
• Provide high quality dining and service standards • Guarantee all stakeholders to keep up with constant • change and trends in the industry

The main issues analysed and discussed in this report is whether there is an opportunity in the market that allows a new restaurant to launch. The second key point discussed is the high level of competitors and if they will appear as an obstacle for La Barata to operate successfully in Manly. Another essential topic will be discussed focusing on the future trends in the macro environment that would have an impact on La Barata’s organisational structure.

The methodologies used in this report include secondary research. The data is mainly collected from websites regarding contemporary issues in Australia and especially Manly. The information and theories has also been sourced from textbooks and personal communication. This business plan has made it possible for La Barata to see the viability in the restaurant industry in the Manly area. In addition further recommendations and possible alternatives have been included as a conclusion to the report.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction6
2.0 Demand for International cuisine in Manly7
2.1 Opportunities in Australia7
2.1.1 Economic factors or influences8
2.1.2 Social9
2.1.3 Other Issues10
2.2 Trends Today13
2.2.1 Travel & Tourism13
2.2.2 Terrorism13
2.2.3 Synergy Effect14
2.2.4 Events in the market place14
2.3 Profitability and Attractiveness of the Industry15
2.3.1 Existing Competitors16
2.3.2 Potential Competitors16
2.3.3 Substitute Products17
2.3.4 Customer Power17
2.3.5 Supplier Power17
2.4 The Market & Competition18
2.4.1 Market Characteristics for dining in Manly18
2.4.2 Competitors18
2.4.3 Four Biggest19
2.4.4 Where do we want to be positioned?19
2.5 Evaluating the Market gaps, trends and opportunities21 2.5.1 La Barata’s Strengths and Weaknesses22
2.5.2 La Barata‘s Opportunities and Threats22
2.5.3 La Barata’s SWOT analysis grid23
3.0 Business Environment23
3.1 Future Trends23
3.1.1 Tourists23
3.1.2 Terrorism24
4.0 The business concept25
4.1 Company description25
4.2 Vision, Mission & Values26
4.2.1 Values26
4.2.2 Vision27
4.2.3 Mission Statement27
4.3 Organisational structure27
5.0 Marketing28
5.1 Segmentation...

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