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Name of the business: Fork and Knife
Size: 50 seats
Location: Docklands
Description: It is a fine dining restaurant located in the heart of Docklands where you can enjoy your dining with the perfect view. Fork and Knife restaurant offers wide range of seafood and steak with your selection of your favourite wine. We provide special dietary needs food, booking in advanced is required. Mouth watering desserts are also available to finish up your dining experience with us Fork and Knife restaurant. Reservation is required due to the limited seats. Business structure: The business structure is a fine dining restaurant. Fine dining means a restaurant concept that offers patrons the finest in food, service and atmosphere. We chose the fine dining structure because Melbourne is lacking of good fine dining restaurant where you can have a perfect view. We think that it might be a good opportunity for us to make a fine dining in the heart of docklands. It is also located near to the offices so that makes people are easier to go to the restaurant after work. Legal requirements: Liquor license is needed since we are serving alcohols and barista is needed too. * Contracts for the suppliers

Bank loan letter:
To whom it may concern,
We have been a long-standing customer with the Commonwealth Bank for over 10 years now and we recently applied for a company loan of $1,5 million. This loan will allow us to pay for our new restaurant which we have been planning for some time now. We all have good financial history with Commonwealth Bank and we will be paying all the instalments on time so getting a loan will not be a problem as there are no issues of debts. Our business is going to be a fine dining restaurant located at the heart of Docklands with a capacity of 50 seats named Fork and Knife. The business is owned by three owners whose names are William Istardi, Elizabeth Inez Tanuwidjaja, Meilany Tejo Prawiro. Their expertise in the hospitality industry has been over ten years experience of running restaurants in the Melbourne area. Docklands is a developed area that a lot of businesses have opened and become successful we believe that this is great development area and has enormous potential for our business which is needed as it will be one of a kind. The population increases significantly from year to year which means there are potential customers there. Docklands is unique to Melbourne, the huge area is a short trip from the inner CBD area and is surrounded by stunning water views which will be our fine dining view. We are all experienced in the hospitality industry especially in culinary and patisserie area. The Fork and Knife restaurant will serve seafood and steak with selected premium wine. We will have the best range of desserts that are extraordinary for our customers palette to finish up their dining experience with us. Our price range on our menu will be from $9- $90 and our beverage range from $7-$25 per glass whilst per bottle will be more expensive ranging from $30-250. Our back of house staff will have 5 + yrs experience in their area of expertise on their area especially our Head Chef is the award winning chef 2011 in Australia. We are sure that it would be a fast growing business and earn a big amount of profit. The Fork and Knife aims to be the upper class fine dining restaurant in Australia by serving good food & beverage with comfortable ambience. It is designed as an elegant venue which would make the customers who come feel surprised. The customers will be greeted by one of our front of house staff which will accompany them to their seats and build a good relationship towards the customers in order to make them feel welcome. They will be given out the menu to have a look and the waiters will ask them if there is any dietary requirements or allergic to the food. To that case our chefs would try their best to provide them with their specific needs. The Fork and Knife restaurant...

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