Responsibility Project

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The Responsibility Project

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April 14, 2014
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The Responsibility Project

The principals of ethics are what address an organizational issue or assist in the decision-making process. In this essay, I will discuss the principals of ethics and their impact on organizations. The Liberty Mutual website offered videos titled “The Responsibility Project”. These videos demonstrated how important the principals of ethics are in any organization. Each clip established how ethics can shape and change decision-making and impacts a business and those that work for the company. The video that I viewed for this assignment was titled “Good Vibrations”. In the video, “Good Vibrations” the focus is on the responsibility of a community and the impact of complacency in an organization. In this animated film, we see employees gather at the windows to watch those that walk by fall due to construction near a sidewalk. As more people walk by, the crowd continues to gather to watch and laugh at the accidents. An elderly gentleman comes across this construction and pauses. After assessing the situation, he puts up a road block so others do not get hurt. When watching this animated video, it is assumed that someone who possesses morals would see those employees that are watching as lazy. It is a fail to the entire business when employees do not accept responsibility and take preventive actions from a negative outcome. It becomes the idea that “it’s not my job”; allowing events to continue to happen. Many Organizations are faced with these mindsets daily. There are those employees that see behaviors they know are wrong, but do nothing about it because they don’t feel it is their business. These same employees may also not take action because they do not want to be directly involved. When a business is faced with these types of scenarios, it becomes a bigger struggle to stop and change the behaviors in addition to the outcomes. A problem is...

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