Responsibilities of a Process Technician

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Laboratory, Technician Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Donnell Swearington
Intro. To Engineering
Professor Tahvilian
December 2, 2012
Responsibilities of a Process Technician
In every industry there are great duties and responsibilities that required by all individuals that perform a task that is work related. Before an individual elects to become educated in the process technology field, they should explore as well as research a detailed description of these specific areas of interest. It would help display their sound determination to fulfill their obligations of every aspect in the technology operations. There are a slew of grey areas that prove to be instrumental to the functions and operations of a daily regimen. Overall, the process technicians vocal area of concern breaks down to their commitment to researching and collecting culture, setting up and maintaining laboratory equipment, and maintain all housekeeping and ensuring compliance to safety rules. As the process technician begins a career in the technical industry of their choice, the key element is to know the most important challenging part of the job. To help develop and provide support to fabrication process and improve various existing product a technician must collect culture for research. For example, this procedure would be relevant to a medical laboratory technician that needs to collect blood or tissue samples from a patient to observe the actions in the cell using a microscope. The ideal of such a procedure in a simple process is to monitor all objective and communicate the findings with various teams for all performance. It is imperative that process technicians record and document information and share it with scientist. However, technicians are sometimes expected to make their own conclusion or calculations based upon knowledge from research. Equipment is an everyday part of a process in the laboratories area which technicians are expected to maintain and set up. A technician should make available all necessary equipment...

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