Response: ‘the Two Faces of Tourism

Topics: Tourism, Tarahumara, World Tourism Organization Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: October 8, 2006
Through the essay ‘The two faces of tourism', author Jonathan Tourtellot has expressed his deepest concerns about the rapid growth of tourism and the kind of effect this will have upon maintaining the integrity of the tourist spots as unique places in the world. Through out the essay the continuous friction between the modernization of the tourist spot against keeping them "as it is" is very much evident. In this essay, the author has talked about Copper Canyon Country in Mexico and the Tarahumara Indians living in this region. The most intriguing line in this essay to me is, "…tourism is transforming the world-in some ways for worse, in some ways for better". And truly it is. It is through tourism that people can know about different cultures and places and broaden their knowledge. It also gives the unique opportunity to a culture or society to manifest their culture in front of the rest of the world. And so these are the upsides of tourism. But when people or government start using these unique places as means of earning huge bucks, these places start losing their integrity. Same was the case with the Copper canyon country and the Tarahumara Indians. The nineteenth century Mexican look of this area and the semi-intact native culture of the Tarahumara Indians have been the main attractions for the tourists and according to the author, the inaccessibility of the canyon has aided the most in maintaining these like that. But how come a place so remote and inaccessible could become so much popular among the tourist? I think the reason behind is inaccessibility itself. It is because of the inaccessibility; this place remained so much untouched from the mechanized world. Thus when people hear that there is still a place in this world where they can enjoy a night under the soft light of a kerosene lamp, wake up from bed by the cooing sound of doves and enjoy a beautiful morning in the vast open space of the canyon, they simply cannot resist going there. So, in my...
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