response to i have a dream

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AP English
3 September 2013
Response to “I Have a Dream…” I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be a Black American during this time because of the huge difference Martin Luther King Jr. has made. Even though I never experienced this era, I can feel the hatred and mistreatment that racism has caused to black people through this speech. I can sense the urgency to have equal rights, because Martin Luther is clearly speaking from his heart, his own feelings. The way he starts his speech is really clever, it begins with the “five score years ago” which is similar to Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg Address, which was also a speech against racism. This connection is made when Luther begins his speech and not only that but with also the fact he is standing right in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The setting tends to create a huge impact of Luther’s points in his speech. I think that Martin Luther King Jr. made his point valid and that his speech caused persuasion to those who were rooting for racism. Which is why this speech made an impact on the United States, and that civil rights were earned. What I also wonder about is how he did it, how he memorized this speech so profoundly, how he could stop in a middle of a thought and lead into a whole new speech (I have a dream…) and still create movement through his words. Movement that persuades people to believe what he was saying. It’s amazing in how much he really wanted civil rights, for an end to discrimination; I don’t think most people would have the guts to pull off what he did for what he believed in. Overall, Martin Luther’s speech was effective and has changed the way American’s view others today.

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