Response to the Great Gatsby

Topics: Human, Humans, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: April 3, 2013
It is an intermediate term novel, however what the novel intends to tell the audience originally has been told specificity. From what Gatsby did usually during the weekend, he could be profiled as a person who is unsocial, lonely, afraid of being alone and stubborn. He threw out parties to people just in order to feel that there was more that himself in the huge mansion that he owned. During the time that the party was going on he never showed up, he had some troubles with placing himself into the crowd, which showed him as an unsocial person. He did once have a romantic relationship with Daisy before, but after all those matters occurred, she had changed. She was not the girl that Gatsby knew anymore, she was obsessed with money and reputation. Even though Gatsby was kind of knowing it, he still insisted his opinion and he considered Daisy as the one that loved him truly and the most until the moment that he died. The novel itself is a tragedy. It reveals that nothing lasts forever, and the relationships between people are changing all the time unstably. Gatsby tried his best to save the relationship between him and Daisy, it seems like he succeeded. However when car accident occurred, Daisy turned to Tom again and they together planed the whole responsibility to Gatsby. Until the moment he died he still cannot see who Daisy truly was. The era human beings live right now, is an era that even crueler than Gatsby lived in. People cheated on each other, air is glutted with lies, people can believe no one. The whole book reveals how this world works. At the same time, people cannot blame Gatsby for what he had done, because Gatsby was just a lost man who desperately wanted to find a person he had always dreamed about all the time.
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