Response to The Color of Paradise

Topics: Film, Cinema of Iran, Actor Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: November 23, 2010
Anthony Campbell
Jim Toner
Film Appreciation
Response to The Color of Paradise
Bravo Majid Majidi! I thought this movie was brilliant, and simply beautiful! This is the first Iranian film I have ever watched and I have made it a personal goal of mine to watch many more. This movie is so sweet and loving, but most of all its honest. Unlike American films, Iranian films seem to be very open and sometimes even brutally honest about their pain and frustration. Maybe it's because for many their situations are so dire and we in America are so jaded by therapy and talk show catch phrases to just open up and fully express how we feel. The pain that Muhammed and his family felt came across as very real and genuine. The art direction was stunning; I had no idea that Iran was such a beautiful place!

The story was just so moving! I learned that Mohsen Ramezani is the actor that played Muhammed. Gosh darn, I thought he was an incredibly good actor. I thought all of the acting in the movie was good, it all seemed so real. Mohammed's hope, good nature and determination inspired me and taught me lessons about how I face my own life, but Muhammed’s life literally broke my heart. There were different scenes in the film were I was holding myself back from tearing up, but when he started crying to the blind carpenter about how no one loves him; the waterworks were definitely rollin! The happier scenes in the film, such as when Mohammed is playing with his sisters or spending time with his beloved grandmother, really touched me. The scene when the kids were walking and running towards their grandma through the tall yellow flowers , was just absolutely gorgeous; my favorite scene in the movie, it was just so brilliantly beautiful! I was not prepared for the ending of the film. It got my tears going again when the grandmother passed away; and the scene where the bridge breaks, was truly epic. My heart was pounding so hard when Muhammed and his horse fell into the river and...
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