Response to Text Carlitos Way

Topics: Carlito's Way, Brian De Palma, Scarface Pages: 2 (960 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Response to Text: Carlitos Way
The film Carlito’s Way directed by Brian De Palma uses visual and verbal techniques to show the idea of world of crime. The main aspects of world of crime are loyalty, betrayal and can’t escape your past are all shown in the film. Together visual and verbal techniques are used to show the main idea of the film which is world of crime. An important idea in the film Carlito’s Way is the idea of loyalty. Loyalty is shown throughout the film by Carlito to his friends. Carlito played by Al Pacino shows loyalty to his friend Dave played by Sean Penn when he is going on the boat to help get Tony T out of Prison. The verbal technique dialogue is used to show the idea of loyalty. When Carlito is on the boat with Frank Tony T’s son Frank asks Carlito, “is this guy a friend of yours,” and Carlito replies ,“Yea, He’s a friend of mine,” this shows that Carlito is loyal to Dave even though they are in a situation where Carlito could go back to Prison, or worse he could die. Brian De Palma has used dialogue to show that in the world of crime loyalty is a big idea and when people are loyal to their friends then they will do anything for them even if it is a danger to their life. This show the Audience that Carlito is loyal to Dave for getting him out prison and feels that he owes Dave and he will pay him back in any way. This also shows in the world of crime you must also pay people back when you owe them. I’ve learnt from this that in the World of Crime I should be loyal to my Friends no matter what situation I am in. Another important idea in Carlito’s Way is the idea, can’t escape your past. The idea of can’t escape your past is shown by Carlito when he has just hit Benny Blanco down the stairs and is shown through the visual technique and verbal technique of lighting and voiceover. When Carlito is standing at the top of the stairs about to hit Benny Blanco the lighting on his face is red which shows Carlito’s dark and bloody past, he then hits...
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