Response to "On Being an Atheist"

Topics: God, Existence, Cosmological argument Pages: 4 (1621 words) Published: August 24, 2010
-1This is a response to H.J. McCloskey's Article, "On Being an Atheist". While I believe that Mr . McCloskey put a lot of thought into this article I think he made some assumptions about all theists that are not necessarily correct.

Throughout his argument it seems that he focuses primarily on the existence of evil to support his non belief in God. He started off immediately in this argument by stating that because of the evil that exists in this world that if we are to say there was a creator he was either a "malevolent powerful being or a well-intentioned muddler." [1] He automatically places the blame of evil on a creator if one exists. However, I have to ask myself if a creator does not exist where did evil come from, what is the cause of evil. Mr. McCloskey claimed that the cosmological argument " does not entitle us to postulate an all powerful, all perfect, uncaused cause." On the subject of the universe having a cause, I believe there is enough scientific data to confirm that the universe indeed had a beginning and that it has not always existed eternally. Something as simple as how the sun and its heat is diminishing shows us that if the universe has always existed the sun would have been gone a long time ago. Mr. McCloskey feels that the existence of a "caused" universe , even if proven, will never validate the existence of an omnipotent or God created universe. I did not notice in this article any reference to a first cause or his feelings on that subject . My question to this would be, what was the cause of this first cause? I think that there are many holes in his theory and that while his article showed a lot of thought was put into the subject I think he obviously and deliberately did not address some very important issues to support his argument against a God created universe. While we cannot scientifically prove that God was the creator of the universe, Mr. McCloskey can also not prove to us that he did not create it. Once again Mr....
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