Response to Lakoff and Johnson's Book Metaphors We Live by

Topics: Mind, Conceptual metaphor, Metaphor Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Response to Lakoff and Johnson's book Metaphors We Live By

It is really amazing when we come to some reality that changes the way we look at life. Funny how “look at life” is a metaphor that I wouldn’t have paid attention if I didn’t read the book, Metaphors We Live By. It’s weird. Weird to think about how unfeasible it is to live without using metaphors. I’m a yogi and a spiritual follower of life. I can’t help think of a better way relating this book to some of the stages of spiritual world I’ve had developed and yoga practices. The ultimate goal of every spiritual follower is transformation. It’s being able to create a balance within your body and spirit, which develops enlightenment. What does this mean? It is discovering the truth between body and spirit separation and/or connection. It is achieved through countless years of meditation and balance practices which are practices of mind cleansing. What I thought to be interesting in relation to the book, Metaphors We Live By, is that spiritual transformation tries to achieve state of nobody or nonphysical-existence just as existence of metaphors. A spiritual transformation is where death doesn’t take place to create being in different stage of mind and spirit. It is a claim to be something, which one would have to exist in order to claim. It’s a very confusing idea for some people but intriguing for me. If we did not exist it would be the only solution to not using metaphors. But not existing does not come in death, so what I’m trying to say is our whole reality exists based on reaching metaphors. Furthermore, the use of metaphors is stage of language that had its “spiritual transformation” to a full achievement. There is no higher level of completeness than use of developed metaphors. When after being in U.S for 11 years I finally start understand and use the metaphors, I felt the transformation or enlightenment of language development had finally reached its course. I really liked what...
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