Response to Intervention

Topics: Education, Individualized Education Program, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: November 29, 2009
The new “thing” in our school this year and many others around the country is RTI (response to intervention/instruction). This new system is gaining a lot of popularity even though, it has been around for many years. This method integrates assessments and intervention within a multi-level prevention system to maximize student achievement and to reduce behavior problems. Schools that identify students at risk will then monitor students’ progress and provide data to adjust to the students needs. Depending on the students response to their adjusted curriculum they might be identified as students with learning disabilities. This plan does not replace the IEP (individualize educational plan) instead, it a tool used before reaching this point. In addition, this approach has received much attention is because researchers and educators believe that the old method of testing students has many discrepancies. They also, think that this approach can eliminate many of the issues surrounding special education. Furthermore, the article states that there was a big increase in the classification LD students, since1976, when IDEA was set in place and that there has been more recent increases because of the discrepancies of the IQ test in recent years. They believe that this occurs because of the “ability achievement discrepancy” which means that students must fail or fall behind before intervention takes place. By the time students are identified they have already lost valuable education. This causes many students to be placed in a special education program or drop out school. All this discrepancies have many educators researching different alternatives like RTI method. This intervention approach is similar to the “Pre- Referral Intervention” which helps to identify students with learning disabilities. Before students get identify they need to go through a series of steps by their general education teachers unlike the previous method. These steps have fewer discrepancies, it...
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