Response to Foucault's Technologies of the self

Topics: Mind, Truth, Perception, Scientific method, Individual, Human / Pages: 2 (464 words) / Published: Apr 8th, 2014
In this reading “technologies of the self” by Foucault, he is studying the connection between the obligation to the truth and the prohibitions weighing on sexuality in a historical text in relation to an individuals “self”. Foucault was interested in the feelings, thoughts and desires an individual will experience within the self in accordance to external experiences. He interested in the interdictions about sexuality and other forms of interdiction that been used on individual, using religion, Christianity as a main focus to showcases his theories of the self being overpowered. Foucault breaks his study down into four types technologies that are techniques humans use to understand themselves:

- Technologies of production
- Technologies of sign system
- Technologies of power
- Technologies of the self

He goes on to explain each technology in retrospect to the self to challenge, exploit and relate to other philosopher’s theories as well as religion and cultures. There is a focus on the concepts of knowing oneself self and taking care of oneself but how knowing yourself has been interrupted by certain moralities that imply to self-renunciation. A hypothesis by Foucault is “there is a correlation between disclosure of self, dramatic or verbalized, and the renunciation of self.” He explains these as techniques one will in order to known the self better, verbalization being more important. In the modern world today accompanied by human sciences and technologies at hand one do not need to have self-renunciation to verbalize there self. Foucault saw this important break to the an individual knowing the self, yes I agree on that aspect but it only makes me think that the initial perception of an individual can be misperceived. As an example Facebook, everyone has their own profile that they are allowed to customize and post at their free will for other to see. An individual can create a whole knew identity of a self that is verbalized technology, by

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