Response to Ch. 1&2 of "The Sixties"

Topics: Emmett Till, Martin Luther King, Jr., COINTELPRO Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: February 5, 2012
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Response for Chapters 1&2
In The Sixties, by Terry Anderson, the reader becomes immersed into another era. Having read the first two chapters, it reflects on the increasing tensions of the time period due to McCarthyism and an awakening of individuality. Most people when asked about the 60’s talk about hippies, riots and drugs during this tumultuous time period. Though that was one element of the decade, there was an abundant amount of hate, paranoia and conflict. Looking at the 50’s, you’ll find it’s in stark contrast from the eye-opening conflicts, and struggles of those in 60’s who are trying to find themselves, with the rights that everyone deserves.

The 50’s era was an economic utopia. On the surface, many things looked wonderful, spending and disposable cash was at an all-time high, marriage rates indicated many successful unions of lovers, and the family was seen as the epitomy of happiness. However things were far from perfect. Women were expected to only be wives and mothers and not allowed to think for themselves or express any personality. Blacks were beaten, degraded and segregated from “white’s only” public places of business and schools. McCarthyism was in full swing and accusations of in-country commies were ruining many lives of innocent people, including anyone that was gay or seen as different. Conformity was the norm, and if you didn’t conform then you were an outcast (Anderson). In the 60’s, for the first time ever in our country young people were the majority and savvy politicians took advantage of this. Kennedy’s famous “Inaugural Address” is a great example of calling on young people to recognize the changing world they lived in. Many women were feeling the invisible cages that society had placed them in and wanted out. Blacks took to peaceful protests and sit-ins, in the effort of receiving the rights that they should have been receiving since slavery had been abolished a century before. And many...
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