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Topics: Complaint, Pleading, Mind Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: May 12, 2014
A Response to William F. Buckley抯 揥hy Don抰 We Complain?�

According to William F. Buckley, American people everywhere have refrained from 搕rying to rectify irrational vexations� (32). In Buckley抯 essay, 揥hy Don抰 We Complain?� he explains some situations that he was involved in where no one would complain to repair an uncomfortable situation. Through out the essay, Buckley gives three reasons why he believes that the American people do not complain. I agree strongly with Buckley抯 theories. I think that American people do not complain in situations where a complaint is needed.

The first theory that he stated is that everyone expects someone else to complain (33). One of the worst ways to solve a dilemma is to expect someone else to do it prior to you. Situations come up all the time where someone is needed to stand out above the rest of the people to get the problem solved. However, what if no one is willing to be the one who attempts to solve the situation? Does this mean the situation will not get fixed? I believe this type of situation happens more than people notice. Expecting someone else to solve the problem was one of the powerful points I felt that Buckley explained in his essay. An example that he used demonstrated this point very well. He was on a train where the temperature was very uncomfortable. It was 85 degrees in the train when the temperature was below freezing outside. He knew that everyone was suffering from the heat, including himself, but no one asked to get the temperature altered (31-32). He then stated this is because people 揾ave given up trying to rectify irrational vexations� (32). They expect someone else to complain about an unpleasant situation. One example that I recall where this had occurred to me was at work while I was putting in place underground cable. It was an extremely hot day and a very hard day of work. By 4:00 in the afternoon, the water cooler was empty and I was very thirsty. I thought that...
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