Response Paper

Topics: Blindness, Wife, Mind Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Douglas Hunter
Professor Glenn
English 102
February 11, 2014
Response Paper
As I begin to read “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, I cannot comprehend what is going on. The story starts off with a husband named Robert telling the reader about “this” (par.1.) blind man who has been long term friends with his wife and will be coming to visit due to the tragic death of the blind man’s wife. Through the way that this man speaks of the blind person gives the appearance that the husband is not very fond of this person or any blind person. Robert seems very careless and judgmental. As stories of Robert’s wives past with the blind man are told to him, he acts as though he couldn’t care less.

From the moment the blind man arrives at Robert’s house, things are very awkward for Robert. Robert, his wife and the blind man take a seat in the living room where most of this story takes place. The wife and the blind man are conversing but Robert doesn’t talk very much and he either has nothing to say or what he wants to say is not appropriate. After a while of sitting down and watching TV, Robert’s wife falls asleep and at this point Robert and the blind man start to converse and connect a little more. I was shocked when Robert pulled out a joint and had offered it to the man but to my disbelief the blind man accepts and says, “There’s a first time for everything.” (Par.66)

After a while of flipping through channels on the TV, Robert notices that something is catching the attention of the blind man. The show was about a cathedrals located in different parts of the world. The blind man seems intrigued and speaks of cathedrals as if he knows a lot about them. Robert is curious to find out if and how the blind man knows anything about cathedrals and what thoughts cross his mind when thinking of the word. I found this question to be very interesting to see how blind people perceive certain objects that can only be touched and not seen. The blind man asks Robert to describe...
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