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Topics: Uncle Tom's Cabin, Slavery in the United States, Slavery Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The different experiences of Ida and Tom
Have you ever been the one to turn a bad situation good? Maybe considered the hero of a certain situation? In both stories, Ida and Tom can be thought of heroes because the both acted out on instincts to overturn a horrific incident. Moreover, both of their circumstances were different. Ida and Tom can be considered heroes, but there are experiences are different. The first difference in the two readings is that Ida and Tom were treated differently by their masters. Ida’s master, Marse, was very fair to his slaves. On the other hand, Tom’s master was not as generous. In addition, Tom was being sold as a way to pay off the master’s debts. The fact that Tom was being sold, triggered the conflict in the story. After his mother heard of the master’s idea, she and her son fled towards Canada, dodging slave catchers. In contrast, Ida did not have to deal with such difficult circumstances and the like. In conclusion, because Tom and Ida were treated exactly opposite from each contributed to the unalike situations in both stories. As a result of the master’s treating Ida and Tom differently, they came across different scenarios which caused them to behave significantly the same because of the instincts. In “Ida and the Bees”, Jim Marse’s house was being robbed of the finest. To help save the plantation, Ida stirred up a vast amount of bees. The bees stung the thieves and their horses until they ran far away from the plantation. Tom was in the process of running away from his master, when he rescued a little girl from drowning. Because he was so kind and brave, the girl’s father was a slave owner and he purchased Tom. Both, Tom and Ida, acted out in the thought of heroism, likewise. In conclusion, I figured that the slaves thought just because they were being treated unfairly that they should still treat others accordingly. I could not find another difference in the two experiences because to me, they basically possess the...

Cited: Stowe, Harriet. "Uncle Tom 's Cabin." N.p.. Web. 13 Apr 2013. .
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