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By Bajan_mami Jan 30, 2006 580 Words
Responce to Warren Pryor

The main themes of this poem are family relationships and communication. In this poem the author says "And he said nothing". In this quote we see the lack of communication between the parents and the son. Even though the family had good intentions for their son, it wasn't really in his best interest, or what he really wanted. The son did not say anything to his parents about not wanting to work at the bank. He never complained about anything, but just went on to graduate, and went along with whatever his parents wanted and told him to do. Therefore this tells us that the son wanted to work outside of the bank, because he felt trapped and caged when he was inside the bank. This is shown by the author saying "Like a young bear inside his teller's cage, his axe-hewn hands upon paper bills, aching with empty strength and throttled rage". His parents never knew that he wanted to work on the farms, because of the lack of communication between them. These quotes and information explain that the lack of communication between families is not good, and you should have good family relationships. The author is trying to tell us to listen what your children have to say, because parents always right.

The lack of communication between Willy and Biff reminds me of the son and his parents in Warren Pryor. In the poem Warren, who is the son, never tells his parents that he wants to work on the farm, and that the business world is not really for him and not what he has his heart set on doing. The same thing as in Death of a salesman; Biff never tells Willy that he would rather work on a farm then work in an office all day. Thus showing the lack of communication between the families. There is not a good family relationship between the family if his parents did not know what their son wanted, or didn't even bother to ask him.

The theme in the poem Warren Pryor is seen all the time. There are a lot of families that push their children to go to college and university. I once new someone that didn't think they needed to go to school, and could never tell his parents that, because he didn't know how. He also didn't know how they would take the news, and therefore never told them. So he went through school being unhappy and now is in university, and learning to accept the inevitable, but he still wishes sometimes that he can be in a different place, instead of where he is now.

The author chose to use a symbolism. Example when Warren graduated and he got his diploma; this was a symbol of freedom. He was freed from the hard work on the farm. We know this because the author says "..Picking up his slender scroll, his passport form years of brutal-toil and lonely patience in a barren hole". This was effective because we see that his parents worked very hard on the farms, and didn't want that kind of life for him. The authors' mood in the story was being trapped, and angry. This was effective because we knew what Warren was feeling, and what he thought. He was trapped in the business world, and wanted to get out, but his parents would never know.

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